p1070851.jpgParkview is situated immediately adjacent to the western boundary of Buffalo Pound Provincial Park within the South East Quarter of Section 19, Township 19, Range 26, West of the Second Meridian.

The community occupies land originally owned by the late George and Eunice Franks (Gasper, 2000). The Franks created the original development with the first subdivision registered on May 10, 1960.

Parkview became an Organized Hamlet on August 6, 1985 and is administered by a three person committee.

The committee consists of chairman Ron Ackerman,
Secretary/Treasurer Lynn Guick, and Member at Large Louise LaRochelle. E-mail any member.

The community contains a total of 103 parcels with 21 unoccupied lots. Of the occupied parcels, 16 are residential and 69 are seasonal. The hamlet is within the Rural Municipality of Marquis # 191.

Lots in the hamlet are privately owned and are registered in, and and taxed by the R.M. of Marquis. No individual census is provided for the area but several residents live year round.
For information on ownership of unoccupied lots, please contact the R.M. of Marquis.

This website was originally created for Ron Ackerman who was the Chairman of the Board at that time. Since Ron originally stepped down, the board decided the website was not required, however, as a resident of Parkview, and a web designer, I feel it has its place, so I am voluntarily continuing to maintain it.

I am missing information though, so if anyone has any of the missing
documents, please do submit them to me. - peg baldwin